Rabbit’s Gift by George Shannon

Rabbit’s GiftIt’s a cold winter’s night, and Rabbit smells snow coming. That means it’s time to find food, and Rabbit is lucky to find not one, but two turnips! It occurs to Rabbit that maybe Donkey hasn’t found enough food, so he decides to leave his extra turnip by Donkey’s door. Donkey, in turn, decides to leave the turnip for Goat. Goat has the same idea, and so does Deer when a mysterious turnip appears at his door. Rabbit’s gift is passed from friend to friend, and ultimately ends up bringing all four friends together to share a cozy turnip meal.

The author’s note tells us that the story is based on a folktale traced back to China, but that similar folktales have been told around the world. Laura Dronzek’s paintings are soft and clear, and perfectly evoke a snowy winter’s night. Chinese characters for each of the four animals are included in the illustrations, with a glossary accompanying the author’s note.

This is a lovely picture book that would make a wonderful read-aloud for the holiday season (and a great pick if you are looking for a book that is not actually about a holiday). Rabbit’s Gift quietly celebrates generosity, thankfulness, and soft snowy nights with friends.

Posted by: Parry

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