Minerva Louise on Christmas Eve by Janet Morgan Stoeke

Minerva Louise on Christmas EveMinerva Louise is an oldie but certainly a goodie, so I am writing to keep her going a little longer. For those familiar with Minerva, you know that as a very naïve chicken, she is often confused by the world around her, making assumptions that are often wrong, and humorous as well. In this story, Minerva Louise mistakes Christmas lights for fireflies and Santa for a farmer in a red hat. And what is the farmer doing on top of the roof? She warns him that it is slippery, but he falls down the chimney anyway! She tries to tell the farmer in the red hat to take the stuff out of her farmer’s socks and wonders about the tree that must have come inside to get out of the cold – and someone has been laying the most beautiful “eggs” on its branches! Young children will love to correct the reader (and Minerva Louise), because they know what Minerva does not about Christmas. This is still a wonderful read-aloud, and shouldn’t be forgotten.

Posted by: Mary

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