The Gift of Nothing by Patrick McDonnell

Gift of NothingOh my! How did I miss this little treasure when it first was published?

Mooch, the cat, wants to give his best friend, Earl, a special gift. The problem is that Earl has everything! What do you get someone who has everything? Mooch thinks and thinks and finally decides he will give Earl the gift of NOTHING. The next problem is where does one find NOTHING? It’s not to be watched on tv, it’s not to be found outside, it’s not for sale at the store.

Mooch sits on his pillow and thinks and thinks until he has an inspiring idea about how to give the gift of NOTHING to his friend. He ends up showing Earl exactly how special his friendship is.

This sweet and simple story about NOTHING gave me a lot of something – a big smile all day long!

Posted by: Wendy


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