Yeti, Turn Out the Light! By Greg Long & Chris Edmundson

MooYeti can’t sleep! He’s so tired, and he’s done all the things a yeti should do before bed, but he just can’t fall asleep. There are too many shadows in his room, so he has to keep turning on the lights. Each new click of the lamp illuminates different harmless woodland creatures like bunnies and birds who also can’t sleep and have come to snuggle with Yeti. Soon it becomes too crowded in the little bed with all his visitors, and the critters head home to their own beds where, finally, they can all fall asleep…even Yeti.

Greg Long and Chris Edmundson’s well-paced, fun, and energetic rhyming text is an ideal match for Wednesday Kirwan’s bright illustrations. Yeti is not depicted as a cute and cuddly creature. He is peculiar and even borders on scary looking himself, but that only makes the book more successful by showing that even supposedly scary creatures like Yeti struggle with fears. When the sweet woodland creatures come to see Yeti he welcomes the animals into his bed, thus further illustrating the idea that first impressions are often incorrect. Like the shadows, Yeti is not the scary monster that he appears to be on the outside; he is actually quite gentle and vulnerable. This silly book would be good to read to toddlers and preschoolers struggling with a fear of the dark, but is a fun read even for kids who have no issues going to bed.

Posted by: Staci

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