Hands off My Honey! By Jane Chapman

Hands off My Honey!Oh, how the ground rumbles and the flowers shake and the leaves tremble when bear stomps through the forest announcing that he has a great big jar of delicious honey that is ALL his. The enormous pot of honey is in bear’s paws and he has no intentions of sharing a single drop – after all he is the scariest bear in the forest.

Mouse, the Rabbit Brothers and Mole all love honey and they set off on a mission to get some. They tip-toe through the forest, zip to the right and left, dodge thorns, whizz through brambles and pole-vault over the puddle while sneaking up on the bear. Bear doesn’t hear them until Mole splashes in the water and he growls, “What’s going on here?” The little animals are not afraid of the big, scary bear at all!

The delightful surprise ending is sure to bring smiles – along with the words “read it again!”

I loved reading this book! The large illustrations are adorable and the language is rich. Be warned: you may just crave a sticky dribble of honey after enjoying this book!

Posted by: Wendy


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