Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great by Bob Shea

Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty GreatPoor Goat! Everything was going so well in his life until that show-off Unicorn showed up. Now Unicorn keeps one-upping Goat left and right. I mean, who is going to pay attention to Goat’s sweet new magic trick when Unicorn is turning things into gold? What Goat doesn’t realize, however, is that Unicorn actually thinks Goat is the awesome one with his goat cheese and cloven hooves. Eventually, the ultra-cool duo comes to find that they are both pretty great, and together they make quite a team.

Bob Shea (Dinosaur vs. Bedtime) hits a home run with this hilariously fun and fanciful picture book. It is not often that a picture book gets me to laugh out loud, but Unicorn Thinks He’s Pretty Great did just that. After I finished reading it, I then proceeded to pass it around to everyone within earshot and made them all read it as well. Shea’s witty text and adorably quirky illustrations come together to make storybook magic in this grass-is-always-greener bromance. This is one book that might just have the parents shouting, “Let’s read it again!” to their kids.

Posted by: Staci


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