Dee Dee and Me by Amy Schwartz

Dee Dee and MeHaving a big sister is not always what it is cracked up to be, especially if that sister hogs your toys and your friends and shakes up your pet ladybug and cuts up your favorite apron to make into a purse! Little Hannah has decided that she has had enough from her big sister Dee Dee, and she decides that she will be too busy if her big sister wants to see her new apron or to have breakfast with her or to play with her. Not only that, Hannah is going to run away so she doesn’t ever have to see Dee Dee again! Unfortunately, she can’t leave until after she has a small snack and finds her teddy bear “Brown Bear”, who seems to be missing.

Much to her surprise, her sister Dee Dee has taken “Brown Bear” to sew on a new eye, which makes Hannah very happy. It is the small kindness that makes us believe that these sisters really do love each other, and they will find a way to be friends. This realistic story about sibling rivalry is so refreshing, because it is an honest look at being sisters and what that really means. These sisters are just like most sisters in that they antagonize each other and tease each other, and then they learn to take care of each other, and eventually grow together as true friends.

Posted by: Mary


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