This Little Piggy by Tim Harrington

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy went home.
This little piggy had roast beef.
This little piggy had none.
This little piggy went wee! wee! wee! wee! wee!
All the way home.

You know the story, right? But, did you ever wonder if those little piggies might want to do something more…interesting? Like fly planes? Or have a costume party? Or race a go-kart? Or change into Super Toe, the world’s greatest superhero!? In Tim Harrington’s book, This Little Piggy, adorable little toes do all these things and more. The bright, colorful digital illustrations of smiling toes performing amazing feats will make readers giggle, and parents and kids will be inspired to play along and send their own little piggies on wild adventures. Debut author Tim Harrington is also the front man of rock band Les Savy Fav, and he’s created an equally fun and quirky song to go with the book. It’s available for free at the publisher’s website. Two big piggies up for This Little Piggy by Tim Harrington!

Posted by: Parry


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