Weasels by Elys Dolan


“What do you think they do all day?” asks the author.

Scurry around the woods? Eat twigs? Engage in generally wild-animal-y tasks?

Think again!

Secretly, weasels are bent on WORLD DOMINATION!

In this hilarious book, you’ll find yourself inside the weasels’ secret, high-tech command center, full of computers, interactive (for them) maps, giant drills, and, of course, THE MACHINE. There are weasel scientists and weasel engineers, and even a weasel criminal mastermind with both a monocle AND a pet mouse (suitable for stroking in a dastardly fashion).

Things are looking pretty bleak for those of us who like our world un-taken-over.

But wait–do you think weasels are organized enough to take over the world?

And do you think that they’re particularly skilled with machines? (Or MACHINES?)

Who turned out the lights? Is the MACHINE BROKEN? What will the weasels do now?

Scurry your way over to the library to get your own paws on the book to find out–this book would be great for any reader who likes animals, humor, great illustrations, thought bubbles, look-and-find stories, and, of course, WORLD DOMINATION.

Posted by: Sarah


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