The Short Giraffe by Neil Flory

The Short GiraffeGeri is the shortest giraffe who ever lived. Normally that doesn’t seem to cause a problem except for when Bobo, the baboon, tries to take a photo of all the giraffes. Everyone wants the picture to be perfect. Unfortunately, Bobo finds it impossible to snap a perfect picture that includes the tallest giraffes along with the shortest giraffe. How can he get them all to fit in? Geri offers to stay out of the picture, but the giraffes won’t hear of such nonsense. They come up with a variety of ways to help Geri to be tall. Some very silly ideas are attempted and, as a result, some very silly pictures are taken – none of them just right. Finally, a little caterpillar that had been watching all the failed attempts comes up with a perfect idea. And, sure enough, Bobo is able to take a PERFECT picture that includes all the giraffes!

What a perfect little book that includes sweet illustrations and some tall ideas about working together. The giraffes, along with the help of the tiny caterpillar prove “where there’s a will, there’s a way.”

Posted by: Wendy


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