Princess Posey and the Perfect Present by Stephanie Greene

Posey feels very lucky to be in Miss Lee’s first grade classroom. She loves her classroom with her very own cubby, she loves being in class with her two best friends, and she loves her teacher, Miss Lee. So when Posey finds out that Miss Lee’s birthday is coming up, she wants to give her the perfect present. She decides to bring Miss Lee roses grown from her family’s garden, but when her friend Nikki unknowingly arrives first and presents Miss Lee with a big, expensive-looking bouquet from the flower shop, Posey feels her gift is too humble and she hides it away. Feeling miserable, Posey doesn’t eat her birthday cupcake, sits alone at recess, and is even very mean to her friend Nikki. Things are all wrong. But, Posey talks to her mom about it. She puts on her pink tutu, in which she always imagines she is Princess Posey. She thinks: “Princess Posey (is) beautiful and kind. She wouldn’t cry if someone gave the same present. She would just think of another present.” And Posey is able to find another gift to show Miss Lee how much she cares, reconcile with her friend, and to once again feel very lucky to be in Miss Lee’s first grade classroom.

Stephanie Greene’s Princess Posey series depict a playful and sensitive first grader making her way in the world, and making plenty of mistakes while she’s at it. Greene handles well the difficulty of feeling jealous and inadequate, and how Posey is able to successfully transform these feelings with the help of her supportive family and her imagination. Young readers will relate to Posey’s experience of both the joys and traumas that unfold in the first grade classroom. With large print, ten short chapters, and an abundance of illustrations and white space, the Princess Posey books are perfect for readers just starting out on beginning chapter books.

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