Gravity by Jason Chin

Gravity by Jason ChinOver the past few years, I’ve noticed more and more very young children–almost toddlers–asking for books about science. There have always been tiny kids interested in dinosaurs and outer space, but it seems like they’re becoming savvier (and more interested in a variety of topics) at a younger age than ever before.

Thank heavens for Jason Chin. His books–Redwood, Coral Reefs, Island, and now Gravity–are perfect for this set. Each one is a beautifully drawn, engaging story that will teach a reader more than expected about the topic (also helpful for the adult reader who might feel slightly behind when it comes to the child’s knowledge base!) As well as being intellectually stimulating and lovely to look at, Chin’s book is also subtly funny, in way reminiscent of David Wiesner. What better way to reinforce what gravity does than to show us what would happen without gravity? And what better way to drive that point home than to show us the reassertion of that gravity after its absence? Understated, but hilarious.

Gravity also sports a double-page spread at the end of the story, explaining the subject in greater detail–and with smaller, but still extremely helpful illustrations. A keen-eyed reader will also notice that there is a small bibliography on the copyright page. Probably not for toddlers, these books, but definitely helpful for anyone who would like to learn more on the fascinating subject.

Posted by: Sarah

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