It’s An Orange Aardvark by Michael Hall

It’s An Orange Aardvark“Wrrr,” this picture book begins with a carpenter ant in a hard hat drilling a hole in the log he lives in. The ant explains to the other ants (all in hard hats, of course) that he is drilling a peephole. Three of the ants are thrilled with the prospect of looking outside to see the world. The fourth is firmly against the idea as there could be any number or horrific things lurking outside, the worst of which would be an aardvark. But the first ant persists, and soon cuts out a peephole and orange light shines through the log. The other ants quickly point out to the nervous ant that there is no way that whatever is outside could be an aardvark because aardvarks are grey. But, our poor worried ant cannot be dissuaded and announces “It’s an orange aardvark!”

The story continues with the first ant drilling another hole that reveals the color blue and the terrified ant announcing “It’s an orange aardvark wearing blue pajamas.” Red causes him to exclaim “It’s an orange aardvark carrying a bottle of ketchup”; green is an orange aardvark wearing blue pajamas carrying a bottle of ketchup with gecko (geckos eat ants too, you know). The story continues this pattern of colors being revealed though tiny peepholes that leads the terrified ant into a ridiculously delightful conclusion and the other three to exclaim in a very repeatable chorus “goodness, gracious, yikes!”

Eventually, it is revealed that the ants are not seeing a hungry aardvark at all, but a beautiful rainbow. Told with simple die cut illustrations and extremely rich colors, this story would work for very young readers as a way to learn colors and older preschoolers and even kindergartners because of the escalating action and suspense. This story would also serve as a solid introduction for learning more about carpenter ants, aardvarks and geckos.

Posted by: Kelly

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