Hug Machine by Scott Campbell

Hug MachineWatch out! The Hug Machine is on the loose and ready to hug! At first glance the Hug Machine looks like a typical boy in a striped shirt, shorts, and red boots. But readers will quickly learn this is no ordinary boy. There is no person or thing the Hug Machine will not hug. It doesn’t matter if one is small, large, long, or spiky. There are hugs for everyone!

I absolutely love this book. Scott Campbell delivers in both text and illustrations in his creation of the Hug Machine. The boy’s facial expressions warm my heart when his eyes are closed and he is hugging someone so intently. This story is not only sweet, it’s also quite humorous. In this picture book we learn that the best way to keep a hugging energy high is to eat pizza. We also learn that there is a safe way to hug a porcupine. This would be a great story to share as a family since both children and adults will enjoy this book. Once you are done reading together make sure you give your little one a great big hug!

Posted by: Katie


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