To Catch a Mermaid by Suzanne Selfors

To Catch a MermaidA boy, a girl, a Viking babysitter, and a vicious (but still kinda cute) merbaby – To Catch a Mermaid has it all! When Halvor (aforementioned Viking babysitter) sends young Boom Broom down to the docks to pick up fresh fish for dinner, Boom finds himself with only enough money to choose from the reject seafood bucket. What he brings home turns out to be a growling, sharp-toothed merbaby. Naturally, Boom’s sister falls in love with the merbaby and they decide to keep her instead of returning her to the sea. Danger, hilarity, and fantastical adventures ensue!

To Catch a Mermaid is a favorite of mine, by the hilarious and imaginative author Suzanne Selfors (click here to read a review of her book Fortune’s Magic Farm). This is a great read for kids 8 and up (or even younger as a read-aloud or for a strong reader).

Posted by: Parry


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