Bear Sees Colors by Karma Wilson

Bear Sees ColorsIn Bear Sees Colors, the latest addition to their series of Bear picture books, author Karma Wilson and illustrator Jane Chapman do not disappoint. Bear Sees Colors is a delightfully bright and interactive romp through Bear’s colorful world. As Bear and mouse take a stroll through the forest on their way to a picnic they gather their friends and discover a rainbow of colors along the way. Each color is introduced by a rhyming cliffhanger with a visual clue as to what color is coming. A page with two blue dragonflies reads:

“Mouse and Bear are walking;
they are chitter-chatter-talking.
So much for them to do.
And the bear sees… ”

The following two-page spread reveals the colorful, rhyming answer – “blue!” Additionally, the repeated refrain – “Blue, blue EVERYWHERE! Can you spy blue with Bear?” – invites readers to spot all of the various items of that color within scene. Chapman’s soft acrylic illustrations of the jubilant woodland creatures are as delightful as ever, and the alternating white background with a hint of the color to come followed by the bright scene bathed in the featured color adds another level of excitement to the story. The combination of the anticipatory format, I Spy game, rhyming text and repeated refrain begs for audience participation making this a perfect choice for a read aloud both in a one-on-one or group setting.

Posted by: Staci


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