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Code Quest: Hieroglyphs by Sean Callery

Code Quest: HieroglyphsCode Quest: Hieroglyphs is like two books in one – part fictional mystery story, part activity book. Readers are introduced to the fictional Dr. Cameron Stone who is an archaeologist. As he visits his favorite Egyptian museum, he stumbles upon a mystery. The mystery involves a missing gold cat statue and a mysterious woman. The story takes place both in the museum and in ancient tombs in Egypt. As the mystery unfolds, readers learn about Ancient Egypt, how the ancient Egyptians wrote using hieroglyphs, and are then asked to decode some of the hieroglyphic clues in the story. As each code is solved, it moves the story along. This book does an excellent job of involving the reader in the story while at the same time teaching them about Ancient Egypt and hieroglyphs. A CD is included with the book which gives the reader the ability to write their own messages using hieroglyphs. This book would be an excellent resource for a lesson plan on Ancient Egypt. Or a great book for any child with an interest in Ancient Egypt or secret codes.

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