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P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified Man by Caroline Lawrence

P.K. Pinkerton and the Petrified ManSummer always seems to be the perfect time to read a book set in the Old West — maybe because August is usually so hot and dry, so the descriptions of the sagebrush and cactus and dust feel that much more topical.

Caroline Lawrence, best known for her Roman Mysteries series (which I loved), is in the midst of a new series–half mystery, half western, about P.K. Pinkerton, a 12-year-old half-Native American boy who is trying to make is way as a detective in 1860s Nevada Territory. Like many a main character in recently-published middle-grade books, P.K. has something like Asperger’s Syndrome, which he refers to as his Thorn — it may make normal social interaction difficult for him, but it certainly helps to make him a one of the more realistically skilled child detectives in literature. (I hardly need mention that P.K.’s outlook and way of describing his world are both extremely amusing and very endearing).

The case of the Petrified Man is P.K.’s second outing, and I found it even more entertaining than the first. Lawrence’s entertaining style draws a reader in, and the non-stop plot keeps one turning pages until the very end. I have heard tell that a third book in the Western Mysteries series will be coming out next spring, and I’m eagerly awaiting word of what P.K. will be up to next time.

Check out Lawrence’s website for more information on either the Western Mysteries or the Roman Mysteries.

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