The Aurora County All-Stars by Deborah Wiles

The Aurora County All-StarsTwelve-year-old House Jackson and his baseball team’s one and only game is scheduled on July 4th. The team really has been looking forward to this game ever since they were defeated by the Redbugs last summer, when House, their star pitcher, had a broken arm. The Aurora County Birthday Pageant, to be performed entirely by children, promises to be THE event of the year and it is also scheduled to be on July 4th. All the Mamas have signed-up their children for the pageant, including the entire baseball team. Now this creates a problem – a big problem – a very big problem.

It looks like the baseball game will have to be cancelled. The team expects House to find a way to solve their problem. There is certainly no way that the Pageant will be cancelled. House needs to have the courage to face the director of the Pageant, who also just happens to be the one responsible for his broken arm last summer. While he works on resolving the July 4th dilemma, his big secret is disclosed, but he discovers that he isn’t the only one in town with secrets.

Posted by: Wendy


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