The Gingerbread Man Loose in the School by Laura Murray

Gingerbread Man Loose the SchoolHere in our library, it seems that the interest in the gingerbread man isn’t just a holiday thing, it happens year round — and this book will keep that fascination going. In this version, the gingerbread man has been baked by kids at school and left to cool in their classroom while they go out for recess. Well, the gingerbread man can’t believe that they would just leave him behind, and he becomes very distressed. He wants to be part of the class, and so he runs after them through the halls of the school looking for them (I’ll run and I’ll run, as fast as I can. I CAN catch them! I’m their gingerbread man!).

There are of course some obstacles along the way, for instance a bouncing ball that flattens him like a pancake and breaks off his toe, but the teachers and school nurse and the principal are willing to help him catch up with his class. When he arrives in the principal’s office, he finds that the kids are actually out looking for him and have posted missing signs all over the school! He is finally reunited with his classroom who have built a gingerbread desk and chair and a cozy house for him, and they pledge to always take him along since he is part of their class now. Such a clever take on a very old story! This books is REALLY FUN and a wonderful read-aloud too – and rhyming to boot!

Posted by: Mary

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