Stranger in the Woods by Carl R. Sams II & Jean Stoick

Stranger in the WoodsAn overnight snowfall has beautifully dressed the forest in glimmering white. In the morning, the birds are the first to discover there is a stranger in their midst. Soon all the forest animals are a twitter expressing curiosity about this stranger. Who could this forest intruder be? Also, who will be brave enough to go check him out?

One by one the animals discover that the stranger has brought them some tasty treats. The delightful part of this forest fantasy is discovering that the stranger is a snowman with seeds in his hat, corn buried in the snow around him and, of course, a carrot nose. Hiding nearby are the brother and sister who have built this friendly stranger and who happily watch as the animals enjoy the treats that they have left.

The photographs that accompany this story are simply gorgeous! The reader gets a true sense of being in the forest on this snowy winter day. Be sure to check out the recipe for a snowman at the end of the book!

Posted by: Wendy

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